Where is “Mongolian Aviation Academy” located?

We are headquartered in the Buyant-Ukhaa Airport, a traditional Civil aviation hub of Ulaanbaatar, where both flight and ground training will be conducted

When will “Mongolian Aviation Academy” commence training ops.?

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, our initial plans were postponed, and our team is working to launch our operations in Q2 of 2021.

Which license trainings would “Mongolian Aviation Academy” conduct?

Initially, when we commence our ops. In Q2 of 2021, we plan to start with Private Pilot License (PPL) training on fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. In tandem, we are working to introduce Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training and Instrument Rating (IR).

What type of aircraft will be used for flight training?

We acquired Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP, a benchmark for trainers around the world, from Textron Aviation for sole purpose of providing excellent flight training experience for everyone involved. Skyhawks are proven aircraft, with outstanding safety records and ease of flying.
For our rotorcraft, or helicopter, training, we have also opted for the best. Schweizer S300 helicopters have been flying for over 50 years around the world for training and utility purposes. Our parent company, “Mongolian Airways” LLC, operates Airbus Helicopters H125 and EC145s, which we plan to use for our instrument and multiengine ratings.

Would FAA, or EASA, acknowledge MCAA-issued pilot license?

Yes. Mongolian Civil Aviation Regulations is based on New Zealand CARs, and have been formulated in accordance with international Civil aviation standards and regulations. Our thorough theoretical knowledge ground training, coupled with excellent flight training conducted by experienced CFIs with FAA and EASA licenses will give you best possible experience.

What are the enrollment requirements?

MCAR-61 minimum requirements for PPL are as followed:
⁃ Must be 16 years or older (17 to receive license);
⁃ Minimum of 2nd Class Medical (MCAR-67);
Additionally, at “Mongolian Aviation Academy”, we strive to produce the best aviation professionals, thus we expect our applicants to be/have:
⁃ Excellent Reading, Listening and Speaking English language proficiency
⁃ Pass our initial theoretical knowledge assessment.

What are the training costs and rates?

Our team is currently working on bringing you the best possible training for the lowest possible rate. Please check back again

Do you provide financial assistance and scholarships?

“Mongolian Aviation Academy” LLC does not grant scholarships for the applicants, but we offer flexible payment methods for our prospective Student-Pilots.

Who are the CFIs at “Mongolian Aviation Academy”?

Our experienced instructors are from Canada, Germany and Mongolia, who have extensive previous experience in flight and ground training.

How long does it take to receive CPL?

It depends. Optimally, one can receive their PPL to CPL, with Instrument ratings, within a year, but it all depends on a pilot themselves, their schedules, and plans.

What language will be used for training?

As mentioned above, we strive to train the best aviation professionals in the business, thus knowledge of English is a must. Courses and trainings will be conducted on English, or Mongolian.

What type of supports does “Mongolian Aviation Academy” provide to their graduates?

It is our core value and mission to develop aviation in Mongolia, and with that said, even after our student-pilots receive their respective pilot licenses, “Mongolian Aviation Academy”, along with our parent companies and associates, will support you to help you reach aviation career goals.

For more questions and inquiries, please contact us at
[email protected]
Thank you.